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Fiddle City


Fiddle City, by Dan Kavanagh (Jonathan Cape, 1981)


The second crime novel by Dan Kavanagh. Duffy explores shading dealings at London's Heathrow Airport.

"Scary insider's data on the airport sub-world, Customs know how and smugglers' more sickening dodges are marvellously aerated by bubbles of Mr. Kavanagh's very dry, sly, wide-ranging and Eighties humour." -- Sunday Times

"The characterization is exact, the action gripping, and the writing pleasantly ironic." -- The Times


English Editions

Fiddle City. London: Jonathan Cape, 1981. £5.95. Print run: 2500.

Fiddle City. [St. Albans]: Triad/Granada, 1983. Pp. 173.

Fiddle City. New York: Pantheon, 1986. $3.95. [No hardback edition was published in the U.S., which makes this paperback release the first true American edition].

Fiddle City. London: Penguin, 1988. Pp. 173.

Fiddle City. New York: Harper & Row/Perennial Library, 1989. Pp. 173.

The Duffy Omnibus. London: Penguin, 1991. Pp. 740. [Includes all four Kavanagh novels].

Fiddle City. London: Orion Publishing, 2014. [Hardback & Paperback issued].


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